air conditioner

March 23, 2018

Air conditioning: Benefits for health

Consult with specialist to acquire an air conditioner. The air conditioning is the ideal product for air conditioning in summer. It can be used at home or at work, in small or large spaces and with many or few people in each room. TBS London Team Ltd, specialists in air conditioning have listed a series […]
February 25, 2018

Which is the best air conditioning system for buildings?

In TBS London, The Air conditioning company in London, we are specialists in air conditioning installations in buildings and large surfaces, that is why today we tell you what are the best systems for air conditioning this type of space. The air conditioning of large spaces, such as
February 20, 2018

Advantages of Air Conditioning Repair & Maintenance

The cycles of life are felt at the rhythm of the seasons and as every year, the increase in temperatures starts a ritual that must be repeated every year, the revision of the air conditioning of your home or office, especially if the equipment It is not used as a heat pump in the winter. […]