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Modular Cold Rooms, Chillers, Freezers Manufacturing, Installation & Repair Service

We provide complete Modular Cold Rooms, Chillers, Freezers Manufacturing, Installation & Repair Service in London, UK.

We have fully-equipped vehicles which can carry a complete range of cold rooms and spares like cold room door, handles, gaskets, door runners, and guides. Our team is always ready for any type of work in London. Our company is located in Greenford, Greater London.

We have 21 years of experience in the coldrooms, fridge, refrigeration installation, repair, manufacturing, and sales services and have a good client database across London.

TBS London offers commercial refrigeration and cold room’s solution for all types of companies, home, and offices in London and across UK. Our range covers all needs from low temperature to medium temperature freezers. We offer the facility of cold storage for food, pharmaceutical, catering or shops, supermarkets, storage warehouses, hotels or any other requiring commercial refrigeration.

Reason to choose us for your cold room services or repair.

1. Our team members with over 21 years of experience in cold room industry
2. 100% customer satisfaction rate
3. We will respond rapidly to calls that inform us of cold rooms have broken down or there has been some sort of problem.

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TBS London Cold room Vehicle

Cold Room Industry & Sectors we serve

Food Industries
Public Services
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Definition of Cold Room

The cold room is the place determined for the handling of fresh products and unprocessed products. It is also one of the places where goods are received so that they can be ordered later in the different refrigerators.

In large brigade kitchens, there are cold rooms differentiated meat, fish, vegetables, pastry and for production. All of them are closed compartments and whose temperature must not exceed 16º C as well as having different places in the kitchen to avoid what is known as cross-contamination, which is the same as saying that bacteria of a product can infect those of another kind.

There are different types of cold rooms as per client requirement like
Modular Cold Room, Mortuary Cold Room, Room Fridge, Walk-in Cooler, Walk-in Freezer, Walk-in Fridge, Cold room for rent, cold room for a kitchen, cold room for a restaurant and cold room for offices.

If you chose to install a cold room into your business or home then TBS London Team can offer you great solutions, from design to installation

We have a great deal of experience in refrigeration maintenance and have worked for several of the major high street supermarket brands. Our cold storage maintenance team operates throughout the London.

We know the importance of “Up–Time” and how damaging it can be to your business if your cold room facility is out of action for any length of time. This is why we believe that turnaround is critical to you and as a direct response to this, we have a large stock holding of quality materials. As a consequence, we are able to respond very quickly to breakdown situations.

We also offer a scheduled visit, inspection, and maintenance service as per client requirements.

TBS London offers a reasonable price for cold room installation, repair, and services in London which is really affordable compared to many other companies in London. TBS London has one of the most reasonable pricing strategies for cold room and Air-conditioning Systems.

We not only offer coldroom installation but also its offer cold room repair and maintenance services from last 21 years across Greater London and we really love our clients 🙂

Our services cover cold rooms custom designing, sizing, production, manufacturing, and installation in new or renovated refrigeration solutions.

We also offer troubleshooting, preventive maintenance, curative maintenance and recovery of refrigerants.

TBS London recycles the oils and takes care of the maintenance of your coldrooms installations, their bringing back in conformity and their restoration to the standards. We carry out tightness checks and the renewal of equipment as well as the sale of refrigeration.

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