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TBS London Team Ltd is a company specialized in air conditioning installation and repair in London, mainly in both domestic, commercial and industrial. We work with all the brands of the market: Daikin, Panasonic, Fujitsu, Toshiba, Mitsubishi etc. We are an authorized by Ministry of Industry to perform air conditioning installation, maintenance, and services in London, England.

We have all the necessary certificates to carry out the works. All of our workers at TBS London team are professional and expert in air conditioning installation and repair and have over 10 years of experience.

Air Conditioning Installation & Repair Services

Why Us?

More than 21 years of experience?

With this being a more complex air conditioning installation services in London, it is hard to find a best air conditioning installation service provider whose skills encompass all the necessary requirements for this type of work.

However, with our skilled air conditioning installation engineers and only positive feedback, it’s clear that no customer could be let down or disappointed with the services that TBS London provide.

Our air conditioning installation team always takes great pride in their work, constantly striving to offer the best service possible; not only air conditioning installation but only in air conditioning repair in London and fabulous air conditioning systems for you, but looking after you and your premises from start to finish.

In what types of jobs are you specialized?

We are specialized in air conditioning installations and repair in London, England, both domestic and commercial. We also have a great experience in cold rooms installation and repair.

With what brands do you like to work?

We work with brands such as Daikin, Panasonic, Fujitsu, Toshiba, Mitsubishi etc.

What forms of payment do you accept? Do you offer facilities in the form of payment?

We accept cash payments and bank transfer. Depending on the amount to be paid by the client, if he requests it, we reach personalized agreements for the realization of the fractioned payment.

What work are you most proud of?

All the works carried out by the professionals of TBS London Team Ltd make us proud, from a small repair to an integral installation of air conditioning and ventilation.

Who is part of your team? What training and experience do they have?

Our work team is made up of qualified air conditioning engineers and technicians. All the professionals have the training and the necessary certificates for the development of their functions. We have highly experienced personnel with more than 10 years in the sector.

Subcontractors some type of work? To who?

We do not outsource any work. If a client asks us for a service that we can not provide, we can advise professionals capable of doing it, nothing more.

How many jobs do you do a year? What is the average budget?

We are doing around 200 services per year. The average budget varies a lot depending on the service (new installations, maintenance, gas refills, repairs, etc). The budget depends on services you need. We always offer best and pocket-friendly quote to our clients. We believe in client relationship more than money.

What data do you need to be able to pass a detailed budget?

In most cases, we only need the information that the client provides us by phone or email, but in some cases, in order to leave nothing to chance, we move to ensure the work that needs to be done.

What makes you different from other Air conditioning companies in London? Why should a client choose you?

Our main distinction is that we are the only and best air conditioning company in London, with which our customers manage to save around 40% of the electricity consumption of their air conditioning equipment.

What guarantees do you offer to your clients about the work carried out?

We offer a warranty up to 10 years, both in air conditioning machines and in the air conditioning and ventilation facilities.

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Tips for Taking Care of Window Air Conditioner Units

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Table of Content

1.  Location of indoor and outdoor unit
1.1 Indoor unit
1.2 Outdoor Unit

2 What you need for installation
2.1 Tools
2.2 Materials

3 Tips prior to installation
4 What price can an air conditioning installation have?

5 Installation of a split air conditioner
5.1 Verify the pre-installation
5.2 Fit interior sheet and fit pipes
5.3 Connection of pipes, cables, and drain
5.4 Install the outdoor unit
5.5 Piping, cables and drainage connections
5.6 Realize the emptiness

6 Make an installation without performing the vacuum
6.1 What can happen if I do not empty?
6.2 How is the vacuum made?

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