Update on emerging new refrigerants

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Update on emerging new refrigerants

Below is a guideline of key differences between currant R410A, new R32 and in development R466A refrigerants.


F-Gas 2014 HFC Bans

The rules for purchase of new equipment depend on the type and size of equipment. There are two bans on the use of HFCs in new stationary air-conditioning and heat pump systems:

  • Ban 1: Use of HFCs with a GWP1 above 150 will be banned in all new hermetically sealed movable air-conditioning equipment placed on the EU market after January 1st 2020
  • Ban 2: The use of HFCs with a GWP above 750 will be banned in single split systems containing less than 3 kg of refrigerant placed on the EU market after January 1st 2025There are NO HFC bans that apply to larger air-conditioning systems (including chillers and larger split systems) or to heating only heat pumps.