Which is the best air conditioning system for buildings?

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February 20, 2018
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Which is the best air conditioning system for buildings?

In TBS London, The Air conditioning company in London, we are specialists in air conditioning installations in buildings and large surfaces, that is why today we tell you what are the best systems for air conditioning this type of space.

The air conditioning of large spaces, such as hotels, businesses or warehouses, is different from the one that can be installed in a home. When installing an air conditioning system, the first thing we must assess is which device best suits our needs.

Not all air conditioning systems fit the needs of a large space

As experts in air conditioning installations, we review the most appropriate and sustainable systems for buildings and derivatives. If you have a business, take note.

The air conditioning in large spaces

The air conditioning is a symptom of comfort in large spaces. As a general rule, this type of enclaves welcomes a large number of people or machines that raise the temperature, so it is important to adapt the stay so that comfort is not affected.

Thankfully, air conditioning can now be tailored to the capabilities and characteristics of the place. It is necessary to take into account certain aspects such as the humidity of the place, temperature, geographical area and specific needs of the space since a hotel is not the same as a food market.

Air conditioning systems in buildings

In TBS London, The Air Conditioning company, we will now analyze the types of air conditioning systems that we have for these buildings.

The ducted air conditioning is usually the system most used by large buildings to air-condition the environment. This type of duct installation consists of a centralized air distribution system through a false ceiling. The main advantage of this system is that it is fully integrated into space without visible devices.

The advantages of this type of system are, apart from the discretion of its presence, the zoning. You can regulate the temperature and airflow per stay, that is, each room has its own thermostat, in this way, each room will get the most appropriate air conditioning. With the duct system, the temperature of all the dwellings can be controlled locally by integrating the entire installation in the building.

On the other hand, we find the VRF systems air conditioning  ‘Flow of Variable Coolant or VRV Volume of Variable Coolant’. These air conditioning systems have a great efficiency to face the challenge of cooling a large space.

The VRF allows regulating the flow of refrigerant that is sent from the same outdoor unit to different interior appliances using Inverter technology. The advantages of these systems are that they allow you to program the temperature in each of these indoor units that, in turn, are very quiet.

If you have a business premise and want a personalized plan to choose the best air conditioning system for your business, do not hesitate to have our services. In TBS London, we are specialists in the installation of air conditioning in all types of spaces.

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