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Air conditioning unit installation. We are TBS London Team Ltd. The 21 years old portable aircon, mini, mobile, home, ac units, cooler, walk-in, window, fridge repair company in and provide services across worldwide. For a free site, survey call us (044-208 391 2761)

Our team of engineers operates and cover throughout London and other home countries as well.

We specialize in installation, repair, sales, hire and maintenance of air conditioning systems and portable air conditioning units. We also offer up to 10 years warranty on our installations.

We equip home, industry, shops, offices, and individuals with the best facilities for air condition installation, Air Condition Repair, Cold Room and Refrigeration Installation.

We are in a position to offer guaranteed service to the client, with the maximum quality and efficiency, developing the work with rigor and seriousness, and sustaining it in a personalized and fluid treatment.

TBS London Team Ltd also knows no boundaries for the size or importance of AC engineering work as we have done many Air Conditioning installation for the largest of corporations and companies right down to small private businesses. We ensure that we install air condition equipment supplied by the main air conditioning manufacturers such as Daikin, Panasonic, Fujitsu, Toshiba, Mitsubishi etc. therefore you and your company can expect the finest of installations to the highest of standards.

Air conditioning Installation
Air Conditioning Installation
Air conditioning Repair
Air Conditioning Repair
Cold Rooms
Cold Rooms Installation & Repair
Refrigerator Installation & Repair
Air Condition Installation London
Why TBS London?

TBS London Team Ltd is an authorized Air conditioning Company by Industry, with more than 21 years of experience, for any work of Air Conditioning, Heating, Heaters, Radiators, Fire Alarms, Security Systems, Cold Rooms installation, and repair. We currently have a staff of 10 highly qualified technicians with all the training courses necessary to carry out the work as soon as possible so that the client is as happy as possible.

What is our motto?


What type of client do we have? Who is our ideal client?

We work with all kinds of clients. Both individuals, companies, communities, factories, etc.

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